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To strengthen and connect our Kāpiti community through volunteer recruitment and capacity building


Inclusiveness: We recognise and value diversity and all forms of volunteering

Integrity: At all times we act professionally, being honest and transparent

Accountability: We accept our individual and collective responsibilities as we meet our commitments

Excellence: We strive to be outstanding in all that we do

A little bit about us...

We actively promote, support and strengthen volunteering throughout the Kāpiti Coast. This contributes to a connected and thriving Kāpiti community.

Volunteer Kāpiti was established in 2009 through a community led initiative to have a central point to connect volunteers and volunteer involving organisations on the Kāpiti Coast.

Our specialist recruitment and referral service enables both individuals and groups, regardless of their skills, interests, ages, availability and physical ability to connect with their community through volunteering.

Our service provides potential volunteers with an introduction into volunteering and the community, that is based on their interests and skills, providing a more positive and satisfying experience for both the volunteer and the organisation(s) they volunteer with. Volunteers find role(s) that interest them and fits in with their life, and organisations gain the skills and experience by specifically recruiting for the roles that they need to increase both their capacity and capability.

We provide development opportunities through a mixture of training workshops and resources focused on both volunteer and non-profit management. Our skilled team are available to offer guidance and support on volunteer engagement programmes.

Volunteer Kāpiti coordinates the Kāpiti Community Network meetings and is part of a collaboration with Kāpiti Impact Trust to build our Kāpiti community sector.

Annual Reports

2020 Annual Report
2019 Annual Report
2018 Annual Report