Kaibosh Kāpiti Horowhenua - Volunteer Story Celebration 2024

Our dedicated group of volunteers plays a crucial role in our vision: Zero Food Poverty, Zero Food Waste. By collecting surplus food, quality controlling the food, or preparing food for meals, they ensure it reaches those in need through our partner charities and community groups. Every week, these committed individuals give their time and energy to meticulously sort and quality control each item, composting or giving to pig farmers any food that doesn’t meet our high standards. Their attention to detail and unwavering dedication ensures that only the freshest and safest food makes its way to our charities. It's their collective effort, passion, and teamwork that allow us to combat food waste and hunger effectively, making a profound difference in our community. By giving the food free of charge, this frees up groups to focus their limited resources on providing valuable services. Volunteers have a direct and positive impact on their community and environment!
Kaibosh’s mission is to be the link between the food industry and those that support people in need.

We link the food industry with community groups that support people in need ensuring that quality surplus food reaches those who are struggling rather than being needlessly discarded. Food donors make a valuable contribution by providing food to those who need it most. This benefits both our community and our environment.

Without dedicated volunteers Kaibosh wouldn't be able to do this.
Thank you Kaibosh volunteers!!!