Supported Volunteering

1 February 2023 | Articles

Do you currently involve volunteers in your organisation and want to know how you can provide volunteer roles for people that may require extra support? Volunteering is a wonderful way to include all members of the community in your organisation. With a suitably scoped volunteering role and some planning a supported volunteer can bring qualities and perspectives to a role that could make a very positive difference to your organisation.

Encouraging a diversity of volunteers can bring new perspectives, innovation, creativity and build your team moral and culture – further connecting you to the community that you serve. With the right support and guidance, people of all abilities can get involved in fun and rewarding activities they may not otherwise be able to access.

Volunteering can provide some important benefits to a person, including:

  • learning new skills and broadening knowledge
  • bringing purpose, structure, and routine
  • connecting with others to make friends and socialise
  • improving self-esteem and building confidence
  • preparing an individual for paid employment.

Effective matching of a volunteer with the right role and providing a support structure that responds to a person’s specific needs can be an enriching experience for both your organisation and the individual. To get started here are some ideas:

For more information talk to us about how to get started. We can help you to find the right volunteers for your roles and provide advice to enable a supportive environment for individuals needing some extra help to volunteer.