21 July 2021 | Volunteer Stories

For Liz volunteering played a positive role in her recovery process. She sustained a long-term head injury after a fall and her occupational therapist suggested volunteering might help with her recovery. Volunteering has helped Liz to gain confidence again and build up her energy levels. She has found that the familiar environments and repetitive tasks are helping towards her recovery.

Liz currently volunteers at Kaibosh and The Koha Centre. She explains how satisfying volunteering is for her “I really enjoy the interaction with others involved in the organisations and making new friends. I really enjoy feeling like I’m making a difference in our community”.

For those thinking about volunteering, Liz recommends they should give it a go “I am loving being a part of organisations, and in particular people that are so committed to helping others in our community. It’s been a huge eye opener to see how many people in our community give up their time and energy to make a difference in the lives of so many people in need in our community”.