Group Volunteering

19 October 2022 | Articles

Are you looking for a practical, team based volunteer project for your group? We have a number of fun group volunteering opportunities (for small or large groups) currently available in the Kāpiti area that would be perfect for your business, school, family or friends to get involved with. Group volunteering is a great way to develop team, personal and professional skills while making a valued contribution to your community!

Current opportunities include:

  • Gardening, planting and weeding
  • Sanding and Painting
  • Helping at a local animal shelter
  • Flyering for local community events
  • Maintenance at local schools
  • Annual Appeal Collections
  • Simple DIY projects

If you would like to discuss one of the above volunteering projects for your group, or if your group has particular skills that could benefit one of our community groups, please contact Cathy: