Fair Trade Chocolate Market

13 July 2023 | Volunteer Stories

Here at Volunteer Kāpiti we love sharing Volunteer Stories! Thank you Trade Aid Kāpiti for the story and for asking us to connect you with the fantastic volunteers (and change makers) at Kāpiti College.

Kapiti College students lined up to buy chocolate in their lunchtime at the end of last term. Service Captains, Roxy, Brianna, Jessika and Eli organized a very successful chocolate market to promote Fair Trade and the importance of knowing the story behind what we buy. The Fair Trade story behind the chocolate appealed to the captains, who understand that Fair Trade makes such a difference to families’ lives and has a positive influence on our planet. No child labour and no deforestation were two key messages shared on the day. Everyone loves a chocolate - but knowing the real cost is crucial.

627.00 worth of chocolate from the Trade Aid shop at Coastlands was sold. This fantastic volunteer effort will benefit Trade Aid producers. The farmers who grow the cocoa beans in Dominican Republic and those who grow the sugar in Paraguay value the Fair Trade partnership they have with Trade Aid N.Z. Fair Trade partnerships mean that these farmers get a fair price for their crops. This money helps the farmers’ families and their communities. Children are provided with education and in some cases children go on to university and return to help e.g. as soil specialists. And money can be used to improve community water resources, so vital to combating climate change.

The photo shows Charlotte Ross (Trade Aid trustee) and student volunteers Jessika, Brianna and Roxy.