Coast Access Radio

25 June 2021 | Volunteer Stories

At Coast Access Radio104.7FM, we rely on volunteers to keep the radio station going! We have 2.5 paid staff that keep things chugging along, and sound coming out of the speakers on a daily basis, but our volunteers are the engine that powers the machine. We have approximately 45 volunteers that help our station reflect the community in which it broadcasts. Our volunteers roles, and jobs are varied. We have a gentleman in his mid-eighties who is an absolute whizz at recording, editing and anything technological - his background experience is invaluable. Then we have vibrant contributors; who bring in guests for us to record and give up time in their lives to help organise regular recording sessions and make our station as varied and vibrant as possible.

This enthusiasm, loyalty, passion and commitment is hugely valued, but with lockdown in 2020, it became more apparent that we NEEDED our volunteers to continue to do what they do well, for the mental health of the wider community. To know someone was there; on air, a place where you could tune in to be informed, entertained and enlightened. And the fact that we all found ways to broadcast remotely, where and when possible, showed our volunteers passion for radio and community spirit. Without volunteers C.A.R wouldn't exist! AND our motto - For, By and About the communities of Horowhenua/Kapiti - would be redundant!

This story was entered as part of the Volunteer Kāpiti volunteer story competition for National Volunteer Week