Birthright Kāpiti Op Shop Team

24 June 2021 | Volunteer Stories

Birthright Kāpiti Op Shop Team

Our volunteers at Birthright Kapiti don’t get paid. Not because they are worthless but because they are priceless.

You might think that when writing about our incredible Birthright family of 37 volunteers we would write about the impact we made supporting those parenting alone on the Kapiti Coast. Instead, we have chosen to tell you about a hugely rewarding venture which we have started this year. We are constantly looking for ways to support our community, our latest was our free college ball dress/suit hire.

Glitter, shine, sparkle, smile!

Without our dedicated, fun loving, passionate volunteers we wouldn’t have been able to dress over 50 students. Feeling like fairy godmothers waving wands and sending our young adults off to the ball. We washed, ironed, repairs, sourced pieces, decorated and displayed nearly three hundred dresses.

We listened to squeals of delight and witnessed the largest smiles. Received hugs of gratitude from mothers and daughters mixed in with the odd tear. We watched them shine via the college video feed as they arrived at the ball. Gliding along the red carpet, still grinning. And we all beamed along with them.

Without our precious 37 volunteers life changing moments like these just wouldn’t be possible. How many of these students wouldn’t have been able to go to the ball.

So, we thank our volunteers, we thank our community and we thank Volunteer Kapiti for finding us so may of these incredible, valuable, priceless people.